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Blader system fasten4 cheerful between your entire printed by Talent Palette!

With digital you can opslagmiddellen Talent Print of each Talent Moment make: See the two examples of fetus to grandmother of 96 year

Here in 10 steps, how a computer, a beautiful 'ingelijste'TalentPrint makes, in Words for Windows

First 2 framed examples

(The 'framed' Example Talent Prints are not translated to Automatic. Therefore all other places fasten4 Talent Prints on the whole website, 'Without' frame. So that everyone in his own language, Talent Prints examples can read. Of the two examples here placed 'with' lists, therefore be below the two texts repeated haiku text Fetus Talent Prints: Hold Talent of Iniminie: Print 1: Pregnant Mother here on holiday hot Netherlands to China:Beijing extreme cold / Iniminie has the hot / Klimaatkanjertje Print 2: 96-year Talent Print: Mother Rie: Son Han treats soup / Homemade pea / Dutch Passion)

♦ ♦ ♦ DE 10 steps INSTRUCTION ♦ ♦ ♦



Good luck with your first Talent Postcard with many, then

1. Create a blank document in Microsoft Word

2. Set the default Toolbar to 'View' the toolbar "Drawing" on

The functions will be that character bar, written in the picture, if you give them with your mouse, see "Note Area`. From the toolbar, selectRechthoek ', color with which the functions in: ´Fill color, Line color and Line Style ' (Please note that if you are a new feature applies, Your rectangle should be clicked, that is visible by the white circles in the edge)

3. Increase the rectangle to the format for your Talent Post: A4 of smaller

4. Place a small rectangle in the 'Text Area' for title and date and select line color, line style and fill color. Make sure that the two rectangles are visible to all. That rule you with the right mouse over AutoShape Make you come to 'Layout'. There are you looking for the sequence of the two right angles in relation to each other. Just try out what the best groups.

Autovorm opmaken en Indeling

5. Group the Rectangle and Text Area by the 'ctrl and shift keys simultaneously holding down. Hold it firmly. By pressing next to 'Draw' on the character bar on the arrow the function 'Group'. Click 'Group' while you to group areas with 'Ctrl' and 'Shift' holding.

6. Place in the large rectangle Talent Post a second small 'Tekstvlak'voor a MultiMediaBeeld.Dit Note Area is an image plane in which you possibly can paste text. Define line color, line style and fill color of the first Image plane. Enter the Image plane with a Drawing, Photo, Movie or Track or hyperlink. Click the right mouse over the image. Go to 'Image Makeover'. Go to 'Layout'. Then in 'Style': "For tekst clicking. Grouping these back together with the first group with the Shift- Ctrl button and tenacious.

It may be that there are multiple copies over each made. Which should be removed until a group picture left. Click and set aside and remove. Until there is only one layer is about. That make you go through it as a whole can move.here an 'not werkend'plaatje as an example of multimedia gebruik.met short film, hyperlink and a scanned drawing.

7.Choose from a third Drawing toolbar 'Text Area' and put in the text that came up during a Talent Moment in you or the child. In the form of a Haiku, one Fairy, Poem, Song or Short Text.. Make it to the desired size, control color and line. Place the "Group" back under the Sound and Multimedia, as mentioned in the previous group.

8, Choose from the toolbar 'Draw' fourth 'Text Area'. (The latter can be left out, Compare the top Talent Posters of the fetus and the grandmother). Place one appropriate image, e.g.: A plate as a function Conclusion or a plot or a result of the Moment Talent. 'Group' everything into one.

9. The Talent Post is ready!

10. Store it in a special opslagTalentenmap, so many Talent Printing can follow. You can also share the Talent Print via Social Media. But it is also important that you as a series by date holds together the Talent Print so you later eg. can make a photo book of, or a digital presentation on your site.