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My name is Lisan Fasten. I have since my 65th birthday owner of fasten4 'Edutainment Young Talent' After 40 years of teaching experience at all levels in various positions, I work on a stimulus for Talents from the fetus to about grandparenting. Talents you develop from the experience of Talent Moments. That you lay digitally as Talent Prints. "Fasten4 'focus in the coming 4 academic year at a university PhD research into the effects of Talent Alphabets that children 2 to 4 years developing. The question is: To what extent children with Talent Alphabet in primary school come from the outset a Personal and Talented read-, linguistic, write- and create development exhibit. Ideally I would parallel to research an app develop talent prints to be able to explain. If via IPhone, Phone, Ipad, Tablet of computer, Talent every moment of the day, to utilize and capture as a Talent Postcard. With a worldwide distribution so that every child can learn to read themselves talented and write and create, on the basis of Talent Moments that you digitally capture as Talent Prints. Then education is a new trend and a time own way to solve. If there are professors who me to the doctoral research to accompany me, then I recommend. Please contact me via 'comments' section of this site. If Media Experts who want to help me in the development and the global spread of the Talent Postcard Apps, even then I recommended to me and I await your response in this site. I wish everyone much blissful Talent Moments.


Welcome interested researcher publication

What would especially if there are professors who want to respond to this interactive guide Lisan and outside researcher. This PhD proposal is an interdisciplinary research disciplines as:

Dutch Language, Language development in general, Brain, Sociale Educatie, Young Citizenship, Rights of the Child, Digital techniques, Social Media.

Dissertation Proposal-FINAL-03-10-20135.pdf

Publication 03-10-2013, the final edition of the PhD research proposal, day, which the first workshop fasten4 Prints Talent was given and the day discussing the Netherlands 'Gee' from 2,5 year

Below is the draft version in August 2013

Promotievoorstel kaft

Thesis Proposal 20 August 2013

Published today 20 August 2013, the day on which Amsterdam

integrated education from 2,5 announces year,

the voorpagina'van the Volkskrant and other media


The following publications are in direct relation with fasten4D4Talent Edutainment This publication is demonstrated, child-centered education that effectively works, than the curriculum based education. The Dutch education is characterized partly by greeting curriculum based education.

The thesis of Lisan Fasten (2003) for the doctoral exam Master of Science at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam


The translation has no effect on platelet. Here the text of the cover:

Flexible deal with different views

Acts teacher and teacher perceptions of social emotional behavior in interaction with young students

Flexibel handelen

Download with click: Doctoral Thesis 2003


An intervention model of Lisan Fasten (2003) made as a gift for the teachers who participated in the research for the doctoral thesis. This intervention model animals of the Winnie the Pooh stories by Milne linked to Leary's Rose

GedragTalentenTaart 8 karakters met 32 TalentVaardigheden

The stories of Milne are divided on the skills of the animals. The stories give a clear picture, how a characteristic works and what effect do you sorteertDe owl 4 good leadership skills to be able to give

Kangaroe kanga weet 4 skills to good (see)worry

Kangaroo Young Roe know 4 skills to be able to follow

Piggy Piglet know 4 skills to wait well

Donkey Ijoor know 4 skills to pull you in a good way back

Rabbit knows 4 skills to good critical

Tiger Tigger know 4 skills to be good combative

Bear Winnie the Pooh knows 4 skills to be a good winner

In 32 week, students from kindergarten to secondary education on the basis of this model the 32 skills needed to flexibly respond to random events

You can 32 weeks with skills training as often as desired by a pupil or group of pupils. Any age can give a different meaning to learning the skills. The older the student, dez to depth, the effect of the characteristic

Milne, the original stories written in very beautiful English. For students of group 8 primary school and older is fascinating to the behavioral development skills to link the stories in English


Download by click: Interventiemodel 2003

The Thesis Proposal 2013 is pending. This is short term published.

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Thesis Proposal

Budding Reading with D4 Stimulate

on the basis of

the child between 2 in 4 year with an Authentic Talent Palette

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