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fasten4 put Your Talent on the Right Track

With fasten4 go a Unique Talent in Picture, so you insight, in what your Development Opportunities

Talent Prints 1-2 multimedia images with Sample Text of the promising Talent Moments in your life

fasten4 Talent Insight Super High to Very Young Elderly

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Talent Posters by Insight 03-03-2013

TalentPrent PakJeKansen 2

Jouw Talent palette

grows with fasten4 as a

Pearl in the Sun

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Your Unique Talent fits into a Universial Serial Bus (USB) -Stick. Put each year on your TalentUSBStick a series of 10 to 15 Talent Prints with successful experiences. Then get a, quick to overlook, colorful personal Talent Palette in pictures. You can keep your Talents on your keyring. Do you already started with your first Talent Print? Click below on the orange text:

Instruction Talent Print

want guidance?

fasten4 provides Master classes, Workshops, Publications and Newsletters -

The ideal of fasten4 is developing a Digital Talent Pearl which spread worldwide as a Dutch Orange Appelsientje. sinaasappelanimatie

Hello World I'm from Holland Appelsientje

We all together, Worldwide, a bone to pick, in the field of Education for All

This is the dream that fasten4 like to share with everyone. It would be wonderful from the Netherlands this Appelsientje Orange, as can be peeled, that everyone, digital, get the chance to learn, reading and writing. In line with the universal desire 'education for all' based on 'Participation in Your Own Talent Development everyone Ihe.

We can go on from the Netherlands to the logistical way for "Everyone learns to read with its Own Unique Talent Alphabet" ? Students would an internship abroad can combine with promoting the Appelsientje of Orange from Holland? Would children worldwide each interactive, de via social media, can help in the development of the unique Alphabets?

This dream fits into a USB picture, and can be digitally shared via social media and through students who wish to use for professional talent

Fasten4 USBstick als visitekaartje

fasten4 USB stick as a business card


Direct contact via fasten4, lisan@fasten.nl of 0650521555


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